Wonders of Calendar Control and Advance Planning in SFA360

Vyomika Vidwans

Remember the 5 Ps of management? Planning is the 1st step, for a reason. Good planning is work half done! Knowing where to be, when to be and what to do will negate confusions and repetitive work.

Our sales force management software, SFA360, offers calendar control and advanced planning for sales representatives. They can plan their day and visits in advance and allocate appropriate time and resources for the day.

Benefits of having your day planned in advance are numerous.

  • Get a reminder of follow ups and pending jobs.
  • Get alerts of birthdays/anniversaries of your customers.
  • Plan your individual/personal tasks and a to-do list.
  • Create or add notes in the calendar for personal record.

Users can easily access this calendar and go about their day smoothly. All these activities can be easily monitored by the managing authority.

Making the job streamlined and increasing the sales is only one SFA360 away!

Get started with SFA360 and boost your sales to newer heights.