Manage your Team with the Absolute Dashboard

You get to see real-time reports of all the activities your team is up to. Approvals, completions, notes, sales, leaves, etc. Get a bird’s eye view of your field force on one single platform. Complete hierarchy management and logins.

No adventure uncharted with

Calendar Control and Advanced Activity Planning

Calendar control gives the advantage of planning their individual/personal commitments and tasks well in advance. Your field force can avoid the last minute confusions or avoid forgetting any important commitments.

  • Finish Tasks According to Work Details.
  • Important Days Alert (Customer Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.)
  • Plan Individual/Personal Tasks and Commitments.

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Unravel the mysteries of market dynamics with

Competition Trade & Demand Analysis

Competition trade & demand analysis gives you a fair idea of the market. You get the insights about your audience, competitors etc., so you can make informed decisions leading to growth. It helps you do your market trend homework. Be the Sherlock of your business.

  • Get market insights and trends
  • Anticipate right products for right customers
  • Hit bulls eye with accurate decisions

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Paint the idea into reality with

e-Detailing Visualize. Show. Sell

eDetailing is the revolutionary technological feature in our sales force automation software, designed to empower your skilled fieldforce. Showcase products, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on customer senses.

  • Promotes high quality engagement with customers.
  • Capturing customer interest is simplified with effective visual stimuli.
  • Easy to comprehend visual aids increases engagement.

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Soar through the financial skies with

Real time expense tracking jetpack

All the possible expenses are pre-recorded in the sales force automation software. Expense gets calculated in real time as your fieldforce performs activities like travel, stay, mode of commute etc. Makes it easier for management to track real-time expenses of the sales force. Without manually having to interfere for updates.

  • Geo-Fencing / Geo-Tagging - advanced feature in SFA360.
  • Automation of field force expenses, based on real-time data.
  • Maintains utmost accuracy.

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Arm yourself with 360o data-driven decisions with

Multiple real time reports

A decision based on data and reports is a smart decision. Our sales force automation software, SFA360 grants you seamless access to a myriad of smart reports. You can elevate your decision-making skills with these reports.

  • Sales, performance, expense and ROI reports in analytical format.
  • Dashboards are available and organized as per organizational hierarchy.
  • Eliminates hassle of scrutinizing long & complex reports.

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Mystical realms of systematic & strategic planning with

Asset management

Your fieldforce needs to be properly equipped with proper and valuable assets. These assets can be tangible or intangible. Maintaining a proper knowledge of these assets is a must. Our sales force management software helps you record and track it seamlessly.

  • Real-time knowledge of asset distribution.
  • Can track maintenance cycles of these assets easily.
  • Planned material management and reduced admin intervention.
Captivate, enchant & motivate your customers with

CRM & CME management.

The CRM & CME module of our sales force automation platform is a centralized platform for your business to store customer databases.

  • Track investment vs ROI made of your sales professionals.
  • Easy to make strategies for maximum business.
  • Sales force investment details visible.
Get started with SFA360 and boost your sales to newer heights.